La ceguesa al gènere de la Ciència Política Respon

Tània Verge

Professora agregada de Ciència Política i directora de la Unitat d’Igualtat a la Universitat Pompeu Fabra @taniaverge


“While mainstream political scientists have become more willing to use sex as a background variable in their research, they have not come to terms with notions of gender, a reluctance that may cause them to make important mistakes in their analysis of politics. Gender is a concept that suggests another major reexamination of what we think about political life. Its implications are insistent and far-reaching, offering a productive means of understanding politics. (…) As it is coming to be defined, gender is embedded in individuals, relationships, institutions, and organizations” (Lovenduski, 1998: 333). 

Com subratlla la Unió Europea (EIGE, 2016), els projectes, els programes, les polítiques i les actituds cegues al gènere que no tenen en compte More…